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quadday.com is presented and operated by openingbands.com
Welcome to QuadDay.com, a resource for UIUC registered student organizations with the following features:
  • A shared calendar for your organization where you can add meetings, special events, etc
  • An easy to use mass-email list for your organization
  • Sign up as a member of an organization and receive email reminders about meetings
  • Talk on the forums with other organization members and discuss promotion, fundraising, or just chat. (coming soon!)
  • Optional email reminders about meetings (coming soon!)
  • Photo galleries for your organization (coming soon!)
  • Lots more -- and feel free to email suggestions!
We'll be flyering like mad for this site once students start moving in, so get signed up right away and new students will be able to see a bit about your RSO and hopefully plan to stop by on Quad Day! If you like the idea of this site, and you can help us flyer, please do let me know!

Please - log in and submit your organization!

Also, help us promote by printing out this handbill!